Welcome to group absolute

The Group is formed as a platform for our branching businesses

“Erupting from an interest in showjumping, our passion for horses is branching. With many years of experience in working with horses, we have learned a lot and we are passionate about exploring other sides of the industry as well, from a humble perspective.” 

On this website you can choose which sub platform you wish to visit and how we can help you. We look forward to show you what we can offer, and we will do our utmost to give you the best experience.
— Andres and Christian Schou

Human Pratice foundation

At group absolute we have chosen to support the danish NGO, founded by pernille kruse madsen. 


Human Practice Foundation’s development projects are shaped by a business and investments based approach. Inspired by such an approach we, like any other business, maximize our output by making optimal use of the resources at our disposal. The objective of the projects funded by the Foundation is to assist our local partners, to jointly, create a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their communities. This entails developing innovative skills and methods in agriculture, and improving education by generating conditions favourable to teaching and learning. The result of our investments is rated according to how many children attend school, how many women that are employed or the growth, on a socioeconomic level, of the local community. Our work is based on the 100% model:
— from humanpractice.org